How should I make my Hamster’s nest?

How should I make my hamster’s nest?

As always, when we talk about the home of our pets we must distinguish bed from nest or bed. The bed is the place where our hamster will urinate, and therefore it must be a natural, dust-free and absorbent material that we must place around the bottom of our little pet’s cage. The nest, on the other hand, is the place where our hamster goes to sleep, raise, rest or take shelter when it wants to be calm.

Today our article is about the hamster’s nest.


Where do hasmters usually nest?

They tend to do it in a booth or somewhere where they feel protected.


How do hamsters make their nests?

Our little pet is waiting for you to supply him with the material to make his home, so trust you for it. What should you know about the materials on the market to make your hamster’s nest? Not all materials are specially created for our hamster to create its nest safely.


What about cotton to make nests for hamsters?

We should never give our hamster cotton, or the one that they sell designed for hamsters, since they can cause suffocation when ingested, and its fibers can cause danger to their limbs if they become entangled with them. When hamsters mold the cotton to form the nest, they manipulate it with their mouths and teeth.

Obviously, materials such as fabric, wool, socks, etc. should not be used either, since they have the same dangers as cotton.

As for tinted materials such as newspaper, cardboard or magazines, they are not recommended as they can lead to poisoning from the materials used.


What should I offer my hamster to make a nest safely?

The ideal is to provide a material that breaks easily and dissolves in case our little hamster ingests it. Therefore the ideal material is hay. It is soft, fluffy, breaks easily and can be consumed without any harm. In hay, it is very important that it be completely dry hay, free of dust and mold.


There are you want to recommend using toilet paper or kitchen paper, but from Ribero we think that the paper is treated, and if it can be a soft material and that in case of ingestion it dissolves, but it is not a 100% natural product, since to make it they have to put other materials. From our point of view, the toilet or kitchen paper is not made for our hamsters to make their nest, it has another function. On the other hand, if we think about how our hamster would make its own nest in the field (its natural state of life) it would be with dry grass.


Should I change my hamster’s nest?

Hamsters are pets that tend to store food in their nest, so we recommend that you change their nest during their monthly cage cleaning, but you should save part of the old nest so they can smell it in their new nest. It is advisable to carry out a quick check from time to time in the nest to prevent the food that your keeps from rotting.


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