Why choose a guinea pig as a pet?

Why choose a guinea pig as a pet?

How can we know if a guinea pig is the ideal pet for us and for our family?

Well, it’s very easy, you just need to know the distinctive features of these pets, and what better way than to ask other people who have guinea pigs in their homes to give us their opinion:

Lucifer and Lamborghini

Lucifer and Lamborghini Irene Ruiz: “They are the best pets you can have, affectionate, attentive, funny… I love them, I am 12 and they are the best in the world. These two little ones are Lucifer and Lamborghini. “


Sandra Frade: “This is Cletis, he is the youngest of all, he is the son of my other two cobies, Paco and Marieta. He is very restless and fearful, some nights, if he argues with his father, he will piss until we are going to catch him and we reassure him. He is very chubby because he is a skylight. “

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Cristina Abeja Castro: “Then Bizcochito came, but not long ago we went to cross the rainbow, it was my favorite, it was very special, we had a very strong bond and as you can see, I took a few postures when sleeping … but hey, now rest in the heaven with more cobis friends. You have to be very careful with these bugs because they are very delicate! “










Guinea pigs (Cavia Porcelus) are from the rodent family and their origin is in South America. We can distinguish several breeds of domestic guinea pigs, according to their shape and coat.

As we can see, the main characteristic of these pets is that they are affectionate, delicate and fearful . So it is a suitable pet for people of different ages, but the best advice to take good care of them is to be VERY RESPONSIBLE . Movie movies have also made them very famous, making them more popular than ever with children.

It is an easy pet to take care of, to tame and to enjoy playing with. Being a small pet it is ideal to have at home with the family, it is easy to hold and caress, although always with delicacy. Their diet is very basic, easy to understand, and we could say even economical. They are very clean pets , so it is very easy to keep their accommodation clean.

Guinea pigs are gregarious , in nature they live in communities, so they will be happier if they live accompanied by other guinea pigs. They are daytime pets , and they get used to their owners’ schedules. They need attention from us, so they will be more docile , sociable and will always seek our caresses.


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