Where should our guinea pig sleep?

Where should our guinea pig sleep?

We must not confuse bed with bed … Our guinea pig needs a comfortable and warm place to sleep, especially in these times when it is so cold.

Our guinea pig’s bed is the place where she will want to rest and sleep peacefully, so we must place it in a place where she feels calm and protected. The bed can be made with straw or hay , but we recommend straw as it will always be clean and your pet will consume the straw that it needs. Remember that straw has a very large contribution in fiber that helps improve digestion and prevent the formation of hairballs in the stomach, as well as helps cut decomposition. If we always leave straw freely available as a bed for our pet, we will avoid many health problems.



Instead, the substrate is used to absorb the urine of our guinea pig, and its main characteristic is that it has to be absorbent. In the market there are different types of products such as wood chips, pressed wood, corn cob chips, pressed recycled paper bed, etc. But Ribero has developed a pressed substrate to absorb the urine of the rabbits that is made from the cane of the corn, straw and lemon zest. It is a 100% natural bed since it is made from field products, highlighting the non-GMO corn cane. It is the most absorbent natural bed on the market, and therefore the most recommended viagra ohne rezept frankreich .


Es igual de absorbente que el lecho de papel pero con el beneficio de que es un producto 100% natural. El lecho de la jaula debe cambiarse dos veces por semana, y a poder ser el lecho usado cambiarlo a diario. Una vez a la semana hay que hacer una limpieza de la jaula a fondo.

Cuidado con la arena para gatos, no es adecuada para usar como sustrato para orinar.

Ribero recomienda poner paja en toda la superficie donde camine nuestra cobaya, incluso sobre el sustrato para orinar, ya que así siempre pisa sobre una superficie blanda y así evitamos que sufran daño sus patitas.

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