Green Nature

Ribero’s team of nutritionists and agronomists have formulated a complete and balanced diet that we call Green Nature. Each specific product provides the exact percentage of the nutrients your pet needs.


Concentrated foods must be given in small amounts to our pets, although it all depends on the composition of the food. The team of nutritionists and agronomists Ribero have formulated a  COMPLETE FOOD AND BALANCED  we call Green Nature, made with  products of our land  of  high quality , y 1 00% natural ,  no artificial colors or preservatives , and the amounts needed for  Healthy diet of our pet. With this mixture we have achieved the analytics that an extruded or granulated product can provide you but only using natural products. For this we have put our components in very different proportions to reach the necessary amounts of protein, fiber and fat. Green Nature for Rabbits and Dwarf Rabbits is composed of a:

With this we offer the ideal diet for rabbits and dwarf rabbits, since it is low in energy and high in fiber.

Its ingredients are: Sun-dried Fescue, Alfalfa and Veza hay, Carob, Calendula, Chamomile, Rose Petals, Dandelion, Juniper, Corn Flakes, Barley Flakes, Tomato, Zucchini and Carrot.

The novelties of this mix

Helps naturally  wear teeth

It contains the appropriate and necessary proportions of each of the basic products of the  pyramid of the feeding of rabbits .

It is composed  of high quality sun-dried hay  grown by Ribero.

This mixture naturally meets the needs of your pet with the  minimum fat content .

Its great contribution in  natural fiber  benefits your digestive system, prevents diseases such as hairballs in the stomach, diarrhea or obesity, and helps the correct growth of teeth.


It is the essential diet for your pet, since it naturally covers its needs with a minimum fat content.

With this mixture we provide them with a healthy, natural and balanced diet with all the essential components of the nutritional pyramid of your pet.

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