The health Ribero bed is made ​​from the corn plant NON GMO, Straw and shavings Lemon granules. This bed is ideal for most small pets: dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles and birds. It is the most environmentally friendly substrate occurs with the disposal of harmful substances. It is a 100% natural product obtained from harvests of our own fields.


- Maximum absorption: Due to the high density of the granules and the origin of the raw material. Begins to absorb from the lower part of the cage.

- Neutralize the smell of urine and bowel movements thanks to lemon peel containing the product.

- It is 100% biodegradable: the beds used can be employed as manure or disposed in the container of organic matter.

- Ribero control in the manufacturing process guarantees product quality.

- The bed is Ribero guarantee for the health of your pet as it does not raise dust in the bucket and ingestion poses no risk to be made ​​with 100% natural products.



Before use clean the cage tray pet. Pour 1 to 4 inches of bedding evenly areas where your pet use to urinate. Change daily area used by your pet and fill with new product.


Dietary supplement composed of Barley Straw (Avena Hordeum) Premium selected.

The straw Ribero is a 100% natural forage, sun drying. Ribero produces, collects, stores and presents barley straw with proper care to obtain a high quality product, preserving the most of all its properties, its texture and its flavor. Presented at ensuring long branch breaking. Unpressed packaging retains its soft texture and preventing the powder in the container. Is kind of ideal for use as a bed for your pet fodder, as it helps keep the heat in colder times, and gives a softness and comfort that do not add other types of beds.

DIRECTIONS: Administer every day as main supplementary food. If you intend to use straw as food, must be placed in a trough that is kept clean and fresh. Always remember to leave a fresh, clean water available to your pet.

To use straw as bedding, you can manage enough discretion to provide greater comfort and warmth, your pet will thank that you provide an ideal habitat.